Victoria Marie Hamaty is the Founder, Director, and Author of By Your Side Books. With a degree in Communication, two things she is passionate about are people and communicating. Victoria strives to inspire others through writing, encouraging readers to be the best they can be. Victoria’s heart is in writing and it shows through her passion for communicating heartfelt words and sentiments. She has always wanted to write books, especially children’s books. Pursuing her writing dream and creating By Your Side Books has been one of her most rewarding adventures yet. She spends her days enjoying family life and lives in the DFW Metroplex, where she serves as a Director of Youth Ministry.

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Kiara A. Sanchez is the Creative Director and Illustrator of By Your Side Books. Kiara is well rounded with degrees in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and Illustration. She has always had a passion for the art of storytelling. When she was young, she made stacks of comics and illustrated stories. Her passion has always been to tell a story to others through art. For Kiara, she hopes her art will leave a mark on people’s hearts. She wants readers to see her beautiful images and drawings and hopes they will be inspired. It has been a dream of Kiara’s to be a book illustrator because she feels most truly herself when she’s illustrating. Kiara lives in St. Augustine, Florida.

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