About By Your Side Books




By Your Side Books is a line of children’s picture books with timeless themes and inspiring stories, touching readers of every age.

Formed when two dreams collided, By Your Side Books was brought to life in the Fall of 2014, created by Writer, Victoria Marie Hamaty, and Illustrator, Kiara A. Sanchez.

What makes By Your Side Books so special? Great question! Each of our books is centered on a timeless theme. Our stories are touching, engaging, and creative, brought to life by colorful illustrations created by hand, through ink and watercolor. Each story is carefully thought out and mapped with catchy rhymes, as readers love a fun string of words. Between the lively illustrations and the inspiring stories, it is easy for readers to fall in love with By Your Side Books.

One of the many unmatched elements of By Your Side Books is called, “Talk time, By Your Side.” We live in a busy world, frequently hurried along. Quality family time can often be sparse so, “Talk time, By Your Side,” a questionnaire section near the back of each book, invites adult readers to engage their children in conversation while talking through various thoughts and themes. If our children learn at young ages their voices are important and valued by the adults in their lives, they will feel safe and secure to continue sharing through the years. We need more vulnerable relationships between children and adults and By Your Side Books strives to encourage more giving, more talking, and more sharing.

There is much beauty in sharing a moment, a reflection, or a thought, and much value in learning from each other because the more we share, the more we give. By Your Side Books hopes to help your family grow relationships, share experiences, and adore books, consistently.

Our books will steal the hearts of readers, no matter their age, for many years to come.